Criminal Defense

Passionately Seeking Justice For Accused Individuals

I have always had a reputation as a person who is passionate about justice and dedicated to protecting the rights of those facing legal challenges. Since I became an attorney, I have harnessed this passion. Today, I use it to seek justice for the people of Illinois who turn to The Schor Law Firm, LLC, for their defense needs.

Helping Clients Facing A Variety Of Charges

As a former prosecutor, I have litigated countless cases and argued hundreds of motions. Today, as a defense lawyer, I use the experience I gained in that role to guide clients facing a variety of charges, including:

  • Theft
  • Drug charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Assault and battery
  • Trespassing
  • Criminal property damage
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Financial crimes
  • Expungement
  • My Approach To Your Defense

When clients come to my firm for assistance, most share the same concern — they are worried about their futures. If you find yourself in this situation and you choose me as your lawyer, I will first explain what you can expect from criminal proceedings in Illinois.

During our first meeting, I will examine the information you have concerning your case and offer an estimate for how long your case will take to proceed through the judicial system. I will then explain your possible legal options, which can include negotiating with the state or alternative programs.

After I have had time to carefully examine the evidence the prosecution plans to use against you, I can set real expectations that will help you make the best decisions for your future. More importantly, I will be at your side, guiding you, and ensuring that you fully understand the consequences of those decisions.

Learn More About How I Build Criminal Defense Strategies

Whether you face a first-time DUI or a much more serious charge, I offer a free initial consultation at my law offices in Wilmette and Chicago. If you would like to take advantage of my offer, you can do so by calling 312-206-3817 or emailing my firm.

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